Apologies and a Fresh Start

My deepest apologies. Sometime in November, I realized that the newsletter blog was due, but I was so focused on my newest project that it slipped my mind as fast as it entered. Looking back, I realize my last blog said I was changing from quarterly to every other month so that makes this even worse.

Let’s start fresh with a recap and some specials. Missing Jane released this past summer and I am quite pleased with its acceptance. Meredith of AustenesqueReviews.com wrote a lovely review.

If you follow my blog on AustenAuthors.net, you know my next book will be called As a Proper Lady Would (actually, you had to be at the JAFF Reader/Writer Get Together Friday night WIP reading for the title) and begins with a chance meeting between our dear Lizzy and Darcy when they were young. I should have a cover sometime in January and will be sending this to my editor in February so the anticipated release will be in March. More on that as we get closer.

Now, on to the specials! Starting Saturday morning, 12/26/20, and running through Monday morning, 12/28/20, most of my Kindle books in the US and UK will be on sale. I will share links on Facebook once it goes live. Unfortunately, Amazon only allows me to run promotions on those sites. Once they are done, I will see what else I can do.

I have promised my husband to be more diligent in my writing in the coming year. He is pushing for 3 completed works in the next 12 months, so we will see how close I come. Please be patient with me as I move forward if I miss another newsletter, but know that I am working hard to bring you more books to read.

Here’s hoping everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season, stays safe and well, and steps boldly into the Promises of the New Year!

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I write Regency Era Romance, specifically Pride and Prejudice alternatives, and Women's Fiction. I am married to a federal police officer and have 2 beautiful, gifted children.

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