To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is the Question! (AKA Becoming an Author)

I have been writing for over ten years, the last six years with a goal to publish; and self-publishing the last three years. Since I first began attending writing conventions, shows, and master classes, I have heard that I need to blog, but I fought against it. “What do I have to say that anyone wants to hear?” “I write fiction, not non-fiction. I’m not a fount of knowledge that people would be interested in reading.” “There are plenty of other Regency era or JAFF writers doing blogs about that era who are far more knowledgeable than me.”

Cut to the past week or two. I have been sick. Not life threatening, put your life in order, sick; just migraines and a sinus infection. Just enough to make me stop moving long enough to have long discussions with my husband about our plans for the next five, ten, fifteen years. You see, there is an age gap between my husband and me of eight years, putting him close enough to retirement age that he is ready to start getting detailed about it. When you are younger, you think about the amount of money you are going to need or where you will live. The closer you get, you start thinking about the trips you want to take or the things you want to do.

Right now, you are probably asking what does this have to do with blogging. Well, though I have been more successful with my books than I thought I would be, Rob (my husband) has always known it could go much further than my limited vision. And one way to get it there is blogging. I have come to a better understanding of blogging over the last month. It is not about what I can share that will provide something new that a reader might not have known. It is about making a connection. It is about showing my readers that I am a person they can relate to and, by the way, I write and you might enjoy my stories.

So, what’s the plan? Well, it has been pointed out to me (in a highly sarcastic and smack-yourself-in-the-head manner) that there are things I experience or have experienced that might connect with people. That said, I do not see myself as a great proficient (such as Lady Catherine de Burgh) in any subject to sustain a weekly blog. I have decided to start small and build. As the holidays are approaching, you should expect a blog a month, but after the new year, it might increase to every two weeks. Who knows, I might surprise myself and end up doing this weekly, but I’m not making any promises just yet.

As I said when I started, I have been writing for over ten years. I’ve finally decided to begin my journey of becoming an author. I hope you will come along for the ride.

(And, after writing this more than weeks ago, I finally got my blog page set. Because of that, I will actually be posting twice today.)

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I write Regency Era Romance, specifically Pride and Prejudice alternatives, and Women's Fiction. I am married to a federal police officer and have 2 beautiful, gifted children.

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