Changes to The Ball At Meryton

FYI — You may find that the paperback version of The Ball At Meryton is not available for a day or two. I am a bit of a fanatic about books “matching”, and I was very lucky to find a model and photographer who agreed to do a series of Mr. Darcy photos for me. Therefore, I am re-releasing The Ball At Meryton with a new cover which will be similar to Behind the Mask, so I am also doing another edit to the book. I am cleaning up errors I found after I released, and adding an epilogue that I hope you all enjoy. The Kindle version will update once everything is done. If you bought a paperback version from Amazon, I believe you can get a free Kindle version with the updates.
The new version should be available by 8/17/15 at the latest.
Thank you for being patient with me.

Published by Bronwen Chisholm

I write Regency Era Romance, specifically Pride and Prejudice alternatives, and Women's Fiction. I am married to a federal police officer and have 2 beautiful, gifted children.

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